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Whatsapp GB Download APK Latest Version 2024 Free and %100 Safes for Android ( Anti-Ban). Enjoy No Temporary Ban issue Latest Download GB Whatsapp With New Extra Features. You can also scan every update through these platforms, and enjoy GBWhatsapp with no worry!

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What is GB WhatsApp

Features of WhatsApp GB Download

If you download this advanced version app, you will get a huge amount of features. Let’s explore all those features you gonna enjoy in this app.

Ghost Mode

Have you ever thought to stay anonymous on WhatsApp? If yes, then try it with this GB version app. With this ghost mode, you can completely hide yourself from chats, status view lists, groups, and channels. Wander anonymously in chats, groups, and channels without showing your presence.

Status Download

The official WhatsApp app does not allow its users to grab anyone’s status in the gallery. Plenty of users look for a third-party WhatsApp Status Downloader but with security risks. Hence, WhatsApp GB Download is the best option in this situation. It allows 100% safe and anonymous status downloads. You can download the status of any user without showing your presence that also in HD quality.

End-to-end Encryption

This on of the core features of this platform and is also included in this GB version. With this feature, all the chats, calls, media sharing, and communication remain b/w users. Any third party or even WhatsApp itself does not sneak peek into your privacy.

Dual Account

Hide Last Seen

Never show others when you are online. This GB version allows you to hide your “Last Seen” time to give a touch of anonymity on this platform. Moreover, you can also freeze this time to an instance and it will keep showing the same data & time until you unfreeze it.

Long Video Status

In the official version, there is no free hand for posting long video statuses as it contains only 30 seconds. But now you can expand this limit and can go for longtail videos in your statuses. Moreover, the official version of the app also compresses the video to decrease its quality. But the GB version does not do that as it allows you to post high-quality videos.

Hide Blue Tick From Chats

Go for Whatsapp GB Download and disable blue ticks from chats. In WhatsApp chats, when someone sends a message a tick appears before it. This tick is a confirmation that the message has been sent. If there are two ticks, it means the message has been delivered. When the receiver opens this chat with an unread message, then two ticks turn blue to show that the message has been seen. GB version allows you to disable those ticks to give a touch of anonymity in your chats.

App Lock

To keep all your conversations secure & private, the GB app offers an app lock. It is a highly safe heavy-steel locker for your content on this app. You can protect this locker with a finger lock. Moreover, you can also use a password or PIN. Even it also supports pattern lock.

Chat Lock

In addition to the app lock, there is also a chat lock. You can give an additional layer of security to your chats by setting a lock for specific chats. Moreover, you can also completely disappear your locked chats from the conversation list.

WhatsApp Channels

WhatsApp has released a channel feature to give a socializing touch to this app. You can find channels of celebrities and your favorite social media influencers. Moreover, you can also make your channels to show your influential power to the world.

Increased Group Limit

Share High-Quality Videos & Images

Media sharing is of ordinary quality in the official version. You can boost your media sharing on this platform with the GB version of this app. It will allow you to share high-quality images and videos without any quality compression.

Theme Store & UI Customization

Tweak peek the app interface with tons of customization options & themes. There is a built-in theme store here to try various app layouts and interface designs. All themes are customizable. Moreover, you can also design your personalize your theme.

Auto Reply

Give an auto-replying touch to your instant messaging with WhatsApp GB Download. This auto-reply feature will make your instant messaging more instant.

Disable Forward Tag

When a message is forwarded from one chat to another, a tag appears with it in the receiver’s conversation. It shows that the message is not created for this conversation, rather it is forwarded from another chat. But now with this GB app, you can get rid of this tag.


The best thing that makes GB WhatsApp best among all other WhatsApp Mods, is its Anti-ban feature. Contrary to other rejigged apps, you won’t face any ban in this GB version. All thanks to its specially designed Anti-ban feature.

Download WhatsApp GB APK

Do you wanna enjoy the latest and advanced features for your WhatsApp experience? Then it’s time to try this GB version of the app. Here on this page, you can get your hands on a free, 100% secure, and fully functional version of the app with an Anti-ban feature. Follow these steps to grab it.

  • Download GB WhatsApp APK Latest Version (Anti-ban).
  • After downloading the latest APK file, it’s time to move to your device settings.
  • Launch settings and scroll down to “Security”.
  • Find toggles here and switch on the one given for “Unknown Source Installation”.
  • Now complete the installation with a gentle press on the “Install” button given in this GB APK file.
  • Congrats! You are set to enjoy the unlimited and advanced features of this GB app.


Is GB WhatsApp safe?

Yes, the GB version is probably the safest app among all WhatsApp apps. It comes with an anti-ban, app lock, and enhanced privacy features.

How to Download GB WhatsApp?

You can use the download button given on this page to get the APK file of the GBWhatsApp.

How to update GB WhatsApp?

To update your GB app, you can find the latest version of the app for your Android on this page. Just tap the download button and install the latest version to update your app.